We will bill your visit directly to your insurance provider if you supply an updated proof of insurance at each visit. Please check with us to see if our practice is included in your health insurance network.


Based on the information you provide us, we will bill your visit and procedure directly to your insurance provider. It is important that you supply us with updated proof of insurance at each visit and remember to inform us of all active policies that you may have.

Please note that your benefits are determined by your insurance policy and the rules as to what is covered and why is between you and your insurance company. We are happy to file your claims, but any balance that is unpaid by your insurance company is your responsibility. Any amount not covered by your insurance policy is due immediately after you receive your first invoice from us. We expect your portion of copays and deductibles to be paid at the time the services are rendered, so please be prepared to make payments at the time of your visit.


A $100 down payment will be collected at your first visit and a deposit will be requested for any scheduled procedure.


We accept patients on the Medicare plan. As a courtesy, we will also bill your secondary insurance provider directly. You will be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice for services not covered under Medicare. You shall be accountable for covering these services. We collect your copays and deductibles at the time of service.


Late fees will apply to any deliquent account over 30 days. We are here to support you, if you’re experiencing any form of financial hardship, please inform us and we can establish a plan to assist you.

We are happy to file the claim for you, but the balance is your responsibility if your insurance company or plan does not pay after 30 days. Any amount not covered by your insurance policy is due immediately after you receive your first invoice from us.


We require a deposit if necessary before any procedure is scheduled. It can be done by check or credit card and will not be cashed or charged until the day of your procedure. If we have your credit card on file, we will not charge it until your insurance settles.

We do not participate in Medicaid or any affiliated programs to state aid including, but not limited to: United Health Care (Great Lakes Medicaid), Great Lakes Health Plan, Priority Health Medicaid, Molina Medicaid, etc.

Don’t forget your insurance information.

To help us better understand your insurance benefits, we will ask for your insurance information when you schedule your appointment and when you visit our office. This is true for if you’re new to us or if you have been a patient in the past. Thank you for your patience and support in this matter.

We use this information to verify your eligibility and to do our best to provide you with an estimate of any out of pocket expenses you may have.

Our billing staff is here to help you understand your statement. Please contact them with your questions or concerns. You can reach the billing staff directly at (248) 858-3820.

Once your insurance has finalized your claim, any balance that the insurance determines is your responsiblity is billed directly to you on a statement or we will charge your credit card on file. We expect immediate payment once you’ve received our invoice. We accept cash, check and charge card.

If you are having trouble paying your bills or understanding the amount you owe, please contact us so we can help.